Letters to the Management of the
Brotherhood of Blessed G

„18 August 2008

‚He who has ceased to pray has lost a great friendship, two may talk together for years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends‘ We would like to thank you so much for being our best friends and relatives when our house got burnt on 02 June 2008. We never knew each other but God knew that one day we will be friends in this manner. Thank you for prayers, food, taking care of our children when nobody could offer and clothing them perfectly. Our children talk about your hospice very well every time they have good memories.

We like to thank your staff for being so friendly to us, it was just like they‘ve known us for years. We know that we all live under the same sky, but we don‘t all have the same horizon. Thank you so much for lifting us up so high when we were faced with the most ugly horizon of our lives.

God has already blessed you and we wish to tell the world how God works in your hearts, premises and in your deepest prayers. We‘d like to inform you that our house is now under construction and we hope we‘ll be there at Christmas. We know what you did to us will forever stay in our memories and we bless the day we first knew you. May the Lord God Almighty be with you in all your endeavours and know that we pray for you more than we pray for ourselves.

Thank you   Thank you   Thank you

With love from

Glenrose and Themba“

„10 September 2008

Dear Father Gérard,

I would like to thank God for this opportunity to write you this letter thanking you for everything you did for me during my mother‘s illness. For all the support and information regarding her treatment at home. For all your moral support during this difficult time, especially once my mother passed away.

During my sister‘s illness you were very supportive by praying for me and helping me to continue regardless. She is much better and doing extremely well.

I would like to thank you and your sisters for the good manners they have and the rest of your staff for keeping your facility very clean and fresh. Also thank you for always treating me with the utmost respect. I pray that God will keep you in good health and safe so that you can be there for all of us needing your knowledge and support.

Yours truly


(The patients depicted on this page are not identical with the persons mentioned in these letters, but in a similar situations)

„12 September 2008

Dear Father Gérard,

My sister Martha was living in Johannesburg and feeling very lonely because recently her husband was killed in a motor car accident.

So my younger sister Mary went to visit her and found out that Martha was terribly ill. She could not walk. She could not speak or eat and the only thing we could think of was to bring her back to our parents‘ home.

Mary managed to find transport for Martha, but when they arrived in Doringkop, Martha could not move herself.

So she was brought down to our house in a wheelbarrow. We all felt dreadful because we did not know how to help her. So I asked my madam what she would do and she phoned the hospice and explained the position.

I and my whole family would like to thank you for coming to fetch her with the ambulance right from our home in Doringkop. We also would like to thank Father Gérard  and the nurses, who looked after my sister Martha, when she was so very ill and died in your hospice.

From Jennet and family“

„Dear Father Gérard,

On behalf of the family of Ntombizini, who live at Doringkop and are neigbours of our family, many grateful thanks to you for the help and care given to her when she passed away in the hospice of Blessed Gérard“

„And lastly a big ‚Thank you‘ for taking care of an old man by the name of Biyela who was very ill and being discharged by the Maphumulo Hospital. He had nowhere to go, but was fetched by you in your ambulance and given the opportunity to die peacefully in your loving care.“

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