She left a lasting imprint in our memories and in the hearts of many, whose lives she has touched.

We will be forever grateful for her great help.  

Susanne Stauffer


Miss Susanne Stauffer spent more than four years with us (from 1 September 2004 - 16 December 2008) as a volunteer.

Susi took on many and most important tasks. She really had the „gift of the gap“ and helped us to bridge many gaps through her most capable, reliable and tireless assistance.

· Susi started as a caregiver in our Hospice and Children‘s Home.

· Soon she became principal caregiver and later the project coordinator of our Children‘s Home.

· Susi took on the tasks of the Vice-Manager of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard and Blessed Gérard‘s Care Centre. She performed the tasks of a Personal Assistant in administration and filing and helped the housekeeper in her store room management. She became like a „house mother“ and everybody turned to her for everything because they knew that Susi would always be friendly and helpful.

· Susi was so efficient and reliable that she was elected into the Executive Council of the BBG as our Administrator of goods. She did tremendous work to sort out the financial office and get things back on track after the former Administrator of Goods (Clare Kalkwarf) had died.

· Susi also took on the tasks of the project co-ordinator of Blessed Gérard‘s Bursary Fund, Blessed Gérard‘s Relief Fund and Blessed Gérard‘s Poor-Sick-Fund and thus she became like a social worker, a task which she fulfilled with great empathy and in that way she became a counsellor not just for our clients but for our staff and volunteers, too.

· Susi became a Dedicated Member of the BBG not by name only, but she was most dedicated to her special vocation.

· It is largely to attribute to Susi‘s idealism and tireless work that the BBG survived after the murder of Clare Kalkwarf on 6 April 2006, who had been the manager and „BBG mother“ for nearly ten years.

No word, no acknowledgement and no gift could ever adequately express how grateful we are to  Miss Stauffer for what she has done for us.

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