Blessed Gérard's Pre-Primary School & Crèche

2009 "Graduation" and Year-end-function

On the 8th of December 2009, children, parents, the principal of the local school and management attended the year end function at Blessed Gérard’s crèche and pre-primary school at Whebede.

There was excitement amongst children and parents, as an important milestone had been reached for the group of children going to “big” school next year.

Everyone arrived in their “Sunday best”, and the children were well behaved and patient, despite the heat of the day.

We started with a prayer by Victor Himunchul. Mr Z. Khubeka, the school principal, agreed to be the program director, and he followed the specially prepared program for the day.

The children entertained us with various traditional dances and singing.

One of the parents spoke on behalf of the parents thanking the work done by Patricia Zikhali and her team. The school principal explained to the parents their responsibilities when their children start school.

Axel Pape spoke on behalf of Father Gérard, the council and management, and thanked Patricia Zikhali, Zanele Zikhali and Bongekile Makhukhula for the wonderful work they have done during the year. He also thanked the parents for their support.

Finally, the main event took place where the children starting grade R in 2010 were awarded their graduation certificates. All the children also received a report card from Patricia Zikhali.

The children then received a party pack, which caused great excitement.

Finally, juice and muffins were served to complete a very successful graduation function.

Axel Pape

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