Father Gérard returns from Germany with a special guest

The Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is a charitable organization of the Order of Malta, founded in 1992 in Mandini, Zululand, South Africa by Father Gérard Tonque Lagleder OSB. The area has the world’s highest rate of AIDS infection.  The Order’s hospice and other projects serve the poorest of the poor directly.

“If people take anything away from my experiences, it should be that we all have to take God’s love through its word and put those words, that love, into action for the service of humanity,” says Father Gérard.

On 4.August 2009 Father Gérard ended his three-month long visit to his homeland, Germany. His sister, Mechthilde Lagleder, accompanied her brother on his return to Africa. Over the next three weeks, she wrote a series of “as it happens” reports for the local newspaper, the Donaukurier, about what life is like for those who are working to stem the tide of AIDS.

The following pages are translations of Mechthilde’s newspaper reports. They capture her impressions and experiences of the work of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard as they happened. 

The work of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is completely financed by donor gifts and every cent goes directly to the Care Centre.

This page is part of the Newsletter No. 29 of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

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