The first two South Africans, who joined the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

We have been specially blessed by the first two South Africans, who joined the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard right after its foundation, Louis and Yvonne Renaud:

Louis Renaud had turned 90 years
on 11 March 2010

23 December 2009

12 March 2010 marked the15th anniversary of the investiture of Yvonne Renaud as a Dedicated Member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.
See: Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard - Newsletter No. 05

We had written in our Newsletter No. 5 (April 1995):

"Mrs. Renaud was - together with her husband Louis - the first member from South Africa to join the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard after its foundation.
She has shown herself to be a most loyal and hardworking member, always ready to give assistance where necessary.
No task did she refuse to take on, none was too big or too small.
These she carried out to the best of her excellent abilities.
Mrs. Renaud began the domestic training school and organised this for almost two years.
She began the friendship club and has an excellent track record with this project.
Yvonne attracted many helpers as well as senior citizens to this bimonthly meeting.
During her year as a candidate for dedicated membership she proved to be an outstanding member and was welcomed by the other dedicated members with open arms.
After the service, a delicious supper was enjoyed by all.
Both Louis and Yvonne were presented with gifts, Louis for his 75th birthday and Yvonne in gratitude for all her help.
The President and executive council and all the members would like to extend their heartiest congratulations to Yvonne and wish her many happy and fulfilling experiences in serving God through the needy.
May God bless you abundantly."

Our Newsletter No. 9 (August 1996) had to report:

It is with tears in our eyes and cramping hearts, that we have to say farewell to Yvonne and Louis. They were the first South African members of our brotherhood after its foundation and Yvonne has more than excelled herself in various positions of responsibility. She was the principal of our household school, founded and headed our Friendship Club and was a member of our management committee. She was involved in our local fundraising activities and wherever help or advice was needed, we could count on her fully. What we appreciated most was the sincerity of her friendship and the wholeheartedness of her dedication. Therefore she became the first Dedicated member of our brotherhood after the founder members.

It is hard, to say farewell to both of you, although your membership will continue, as you move to Nelspruit. We will sorely miss you and wish you God's richest blessings in ineffable gratitude and lasting friendship!
St. Anthony's Parish and our brotherhood will give Louis and Yvonne a farewell function on Saturday, 7 September 1996 at 6:30 p.m. in Blessed Gérard's Care Centre. All our members are cordially invited!"

Louis and Yvonne had left Mandeni in September 1996 for Nelspruit and now they returned not just to Mandeni, but they have moved into Blessed Gérard's Care Centre on 25 April 2010!

We received this note from them:

"Thank you

We would like to say a very BIG Thank you to Father Gérard and his staff for giving us a place to stay. As we were getting on in years our family thought we should be nearer to them. Father Gérard very  kindly offered for us to stay here. "An answer to our Prayers". We can't say "Thank you" often enough to Father Gérard and staff for all they do fir us.

May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly for the wonderful work being done at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre.

May you all have a very Blessed Christmas and a healthy 2011.

Louis (Papa Joe) and Yvonne Renaud"

Dear Louis and Yvonne, it is not just an absolute pleasure to have both of you "back home" at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre, which you have yourself helped to plan, build and get started, but it is a real blessing that you honour us with your daily presence. Thank you, Yvonne, for not even having hesitated to accept our invitation to join the Council of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre and for getting involved again in your own brain child: Blessed Gérard's Friendship Club - A social club for the aged.

May the Good Lord bless you, too, for many years to come as members of our happy family.

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