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A major documentary event:

The worldwide activities of the Catholic Church, captured in pictures of a single day. 12 April 2005:

46 internationally renowned photographers are dispatched to the whole world to document the work of the Catholic Church. Traditional services, faithful from all continents and especially brothers and sisters sacrificing themselves in serving their fellow humans are the centre of this fascinating pictorial book, which was produced with the support of the Vatican. The Catholic Church is active at every minute of the day, in pastoral and social work, as an institution of education, peace maker and proclaiming Christ's message. The photographer and author Hans-Günther Kaufmann took the initiative to depict this comprehensively - with the credentials of the Vatican this was made possible even at places and institutions, which had not been accessible to the public before. From Ireland to South Africa, from Los Angeles to Manila: Hundreds of moving colour and monochrome pictures show the Catholic Church as a Global Player of humanity.

About the author: Hans-Günther Kaufmann, born in1943 in Tours / France, worked as a fashion and promotional photographer since the age of 18. A life crisis and the friendship to Abbot Odilo Lechner caused a radical change in his interests. He tries to communicate the existential basis of Christian values through the media of photography and film. He lives with his family in Upper Bavaria.

From the preface:

"In actual fact the idea (of this book) goes back to the question, what church and faith mean to us today, in a commercially orientated time; the book aims at bringing those into the foreground, who follow the word of Jesus Christ by actions through devoting their life to the service of their fellow humans; wishing to open this impressive universe to people who are distant from the church."

Hans-Günther Kaufmann
in June 2005


Each patient at the Care Centre of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is invited to attend a religious service every morning

page 50


A Christian is never alone. Benedict XVI.

page 51


Tenth anniversary of the Kindergarten. It was founded by the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.

pages 71-73


The little ones at the (Children's) Home are already expecting the meal.
But before that grace is said, of course.

pages 206 - 208


Bed time in the Children's Home: Just a night prayer and then jump into bed.

page 237


Whatever might have disturbed the sleep of this baby, the carer in the children's ward is there immediately.

page 268

The photographer:

PER-ANDERS PETTERSSON was born at Borĺs in Sweden in 1967. He lives in South Africa, where he photographed projects of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. (Agentur Focus)

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