R20 000 for the city's needy


AN UMBILO, Durban, pensioner who has dedicated his life to helping the needy has raised R20 000 towards the building of an urgently needed extension to a children's home in Mandeni on the North Coast.

The man, Mr Victor Claudius (68), sold books, cakes and Christmas cards and held raffles in churches in the Umbilo-/Berea area to raise the money for the project, which will increase the home's capacity four-fold.

The brainchild of the Roman Catholic church's Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, the revamped care centre and hospice* is expected to house 40 children.


Currently the institution caters for 10 abused, abandoned, malnourished, handicapped and orphaned children.

It is one of twelve projects run by the brotherhood.  Other projects include an Aids education programme, a first aid and emergency service, bursary fund, disaster relief and civil protection and a feeding scheme for malnourished children.

The president of the organisation, Father Gerard Lagleder, said construction of the new buildings would begin next month.

He said he hoped that the project would be finished and opened officially by the end of October.

* should read: "children's home". The "care centre and hospice" is a different project of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, but it will be also extended from 21 to 33 beds.


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