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Making friends in Mandeni

Support for an AIDS hospice in South Africa inspired one of our Lourdes pilgrims

Lillian Molloy spent five weeks with the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard (the Order of Malta's South African Relief Organisation) in Mandeni. At the Care Centre she taught first aid to the Zulu volunteers who care for the terminally ill patients in the Hospice and the children in the Children's Home.

One of our newest residents is Adrian, named after our own Blessed Adrian Fortescue, but this little Adrian is surely also blessed. Some weeks ago, two little boys ' found Adrian. He was obviously just born, as the placenta was still attached to him. The boys picked him up and took him to the Police Station. He is now one of the 15 children Father Gerard and Clare Kalkwarf , both of whom work regularly with the British Association on the annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes, have responsibility for. He is now a happy, healthy, smiling baby who will never know his parents but will be looked after with love, care and prayer in the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard where he has been baptised.

The Brotherhood looks after the very many young people who are dying of AIDS in an area where 88% of those tested were HIV positive. There is no anti-retroviral drugs to help them.* Poverty, illness, lack of employment and a history of no educational opportunities has brought South Africa to a pandemic crisis. In the Hospice each patient dies in a clean bed surrounded by love and a carer. Father Gerard is with as many of them as possible in their last moments. They need our help with our prayers, our donations (both financial and medical) and if possible a volunteer to go and work with them for a while.

If you would like to become a member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard please fill in the form on the website 

Please also remember to pray for Adrian and all the children in the Children's Home who need to be educated and looked after for the rest of their lives by the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard.

Lillian Molloy

* Blessed Gérard’s Hospice will start rolling out antiretroviral medication to HIV/AIDS patients as early as in 2004!

The Hospitaller · December 2003 · page 3

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