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December 2007

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Speakers' office visited Blessed Gérard's Children's Home

The speaker Cllr Z.P Makhoba visited the Children's Home with his staff on Monday.

The event surprised the children that the father figure could plan to visit them in the 16 days of activism.

It was a wonderful moment for the speaker to witness the role and the service that ies in the few volunteers from our community that we don't even give time to thank them.

"We are greatly honoured to have an opportunity to interact with the blessed children of God that need love and care. We as young people distance ourselves from giving love to the needy children" said Mr Sandile Mabaso.

The speaker didn't just brush their shoulders but committed a portion of his income a month to the Centre." I am not doing it because I want limelight but I do it because it is from my heart. It may not do miracles to the centre but it will enable them to buy tea. His donation will commence from January until the last day of his term of office.*

The people from the centre were very delighted with the visit. Kids enjoyed sweets from the speaker.

* We do not know when the speaker's term of office expired, but we never received any financial support from him.

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