Shoprite/Checkers and Africa Web Press, (associate company of Stanger Weekly), recently made a generous donation of R26 500 to the Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandini which cares for AIDS orphans. Seen above is Shoprite/Checkers PRO Pinky Naidoo with the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard's vice president, Mrs. Clare Kalkwarf and president Fr. G Lagleder, Mayor of the Ilembe District Municipality Simo Mfayela, Haresh Ouderajh of Africa Web Press and store manager, Gaya Ramdhani. Shoprite/Checkers auctioned a painting to raise the money. The painting was purchased by Africa Web Press

STANGER Weekly ˇ 31 October 2003 ˇ Page 1

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