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The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order
of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta

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The Grand Commander, Frà  Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein, meets young friends while visiting the Order's AIDS Hospice at Mandini, South Africa, December 2002, for the inauguration of a new wing providing 53 beds, and enhancements to the adjacent orphanage.

helping mothers and infants

HIV/AIDS is an epidemic entirely of our times - and one that has already claimed the lives of an estimated 19 million people worldwide.

Continuing the healthcare tradition

As the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to ravage many of the world's most needy communities, a group of medical staff and volunteers in the Republic of South Africa is providing an example of how the Order is responding to one of the most urgent crises of the modern age.

The Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, named after the founder of the Order of Malta, has established a healthcare centre and hospice for AIDS patients in Mandini, where it provides beds, day care places and children's places for mothers and children infected by the virus.

In addition, the Brotherhood runs an education pro¬gramme about HIV/AIDS, and in conjunction with local social workers and doctors, provides advice on proper standards of infant care.

South Africa: the Order's HIV/AIDS Hospice cares for afflicted mothers and their babies

Training and education
around the world

Among examples of the wide-ranging training and education activities undertaken by the Order during 2001 und 2002 are:

Medical training for an HIV/AIDS hospice in South Africa was provided by members of the British Association during 2002. Two trained members spent time at the St Gerards Care Centre training local staff in first aid and neonatal ambulance services for a population of which 88% is HIV positive.

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Organisme de secours de l'Ordre
Président: P. Gérard Tonque Lagleder
61 Anderson Road - P.O. Box 440
Mandini 4490 / République d'Afrique du Sud
T +27 (32) 4562743
F +27 (32) 4567962

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