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Pat McGrady (centre right) with Father G T Lagleder (centre left) and the Brotherhood's team of AIDS counselling volunteers

Sappi Kraft supports aids programme

In an attempt to assist with the AIDS Education Programme organised by the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard in Mandeni, Sappi Kraft Tugela Mill recently donated R5000 to this worthy cause.

Father G T Lagleder, founder of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard in South Africa said they were 'extremely proud' of the work which has been accomplished by their three teams of volunteers who visit the nearby rural communities to educate the people about the importance of AIDS prevention.

'These volunteers are trained to teach community members how to identify early warning signs, how to avoid HIV infection and how to care for AIDS patients.'

The Sappi Group has identified the need to support AIDS Awareness Programmes ... .

Pat McGrady, General Manager, Sappi Kraft Tugela Mill said that recent statistics have shown that AIDS is on the increase at a rapid rate in South Africa.

'As a major role player in Mandeni, we gain pleasure in being able to make this gesture to the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. In this way, we are slowly achieving our aim of being seen to be extending a helping hand to the community around the mill, thereby, making a difference to the lives of local community members.' 


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