2nd scene: An assessment

The traditional Zulu who worships the ancestors and believes in evil spirits, knows only three possible causes for evil.

 The first one is “somebody has bewitched me and therefore I am in trouble.”

 The second is that the ancestral spirits are angry with me because I have not sacrificed enough to them

 and the third is that some other evil spirits haunt me in my life.

 It is more than understandable that somebody, who lives with these beliefs and has nothing to do with “human immunodeficiency viruses” cannot understand what it is all about, that he does not know what germs are and that he is supposed to protect himself from them.

Therefore it is sometimes very difficult for us to attend to people, because there are patients admitted who say “I have been poisoned, witchcraft medicine was mixed into my food and therefore I have contracted HIV and got AIDS.”

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