4th scene: Interview with the Bishop

[Bishop Dr. Mansuet D. Biyase
Eshowe / Zululand]

AIDS is very prevalent in Zululand and talking of Zululand, that’s the place where I stay and that’s my diocese is in Zululand. There is some truth certainly that we are really in trouble here in Zululand in my area, in my diocese, more especially (the) near the sea. There is kind of what you call sea-belt over there one has discovered and seen that there is lots of lots of people suffering from AIDS and lots of people dying from AIDS. I am not saying it is only there, but it is very strong there. Areas of Mandeni, (right up, Holy Cross,) right up to Empangeni and over Esikhaweni and Richards Bay. There is lots of people dying from AIDS there.

 I am thankful that we have taken up the challenges (as it were) somehow in our diocese and we have the hospice wherein people are cared for.

It has started through the help of the missionary by the name of Father Gérard when he founded a group or an association by the name of Blessed Gérard.

 Many people have been actually assisted through this and it is of great help in our diocese (I think). It’s known now all over the country (as it were) and I am happy that is the part of the work of the church that is kind of being demonstrated there.”

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Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard