Dear friends,

It is with joyous pride that we notify you, that Father Martin Trieb O.S.B. from St. Ottilien Archabbey Media Centre has produced a video film about our service. The film has the title

“An Everlasting Brotherhood”

The video film (duration 64 minutes) is published on three different media:

  1. Video Cassette VHS - PAL [as used in Europe and Africa]
  2. Video Cassette VHS - NTSC [as used in America]
  3. Video-CD-ROM / MPG-Format
    [To play this you need a computer with a media player installed
    - e.g. Windows Media Player or Real Player -,
    which is downloadable via the Internet for free]

The film can be obtained directly from our office:

Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard
61 Anderson Road
P O Box 440
Mandeni 4490
Republic of South Africa

Phone: +27 (032) 456 2743
Fax: +27 (032) 456 7962

We do not sell the film, but we ask you for a donation to support our service and to cover the cost of the film's production and distribution. Click here to find out about the most convenient way for you to send us a donation!

We are very grateful to Father Martin, that he enabled us, to give you an impressive glimpse of our service and thus give you a report on the way how we fulfil our missionary vocation in the area with the highest AIDS rate worldwide.

This page is part of the Newsletter No. 23 of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard


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