Interview of Fr. Martin Trieb O.S.B. with Dr. Paul Z.T. Thabethe

In which way is the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard giving a signal to the people here in the area? In which way is the Brotherhood an example for others to do what the brotherhood is doing?

Well, when people look at what the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is doing in this area, it’s clear, that somebody cares, somebody really cares. Somebody cares whether you. It does not matter what kind of illness you have, but they are prepared to help, to give their time to give their love and to care for the people. Specifically I think people see that Christians not only talk but they actually go out and do what Christ told them to do to help the poor, to help the sick and the Brotherhood wants to show that Christians should not just talk and sit down but Christians must go out and be seen to be doing something for everybody. It also gives Christians in the or our parishioners a challenge to get involved and with the Brotherhood and also come and make their contribution through caring for other people who need their care, who need their love, not only by giving money, but by coming to the Care Centre to work as active members and volunteers.

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