Interview of Fr. Martin Trieb O.S.B. with Fr. Gérard T. Lagleder O.S.B.

Introduction of Patient Joseph Khoza

This is Mr. Joseph Khoza. Mr. Khoza was one of our first patients in our Care Centre. In actual fact we were once called by people, who knew we have a hospice and they said: „Look, there is a dying patient and you should look after him and when I came there I saw he, all he had was a stroke and very bad bedsores. So what we did is we took him in and we healed his bedsores and we rehabilitated him that far, that he even was walking again.(See picture above) And then we discharged him home and at a later stage he had another stroke, but the problem was, this time the family wasn’t calling us and he was just lying at home and he was totally neglected. They did not give him food, they did not give him the care he needed and he ended up with very bad bedsores again and he ended up in a very stiff state. I came there when I had a funeral next to his house and the people told me „Don’t you know how sick Mr. Khoza is?“ And I said: „No, I did not know“, and I went in and I saw that he was in a absolute desperate situation. So we took him in again. He, his whole back was full of wounds. We have closed them all and we are now doing is to rehabilitate him, which means to make at least a rest of movement for him possible. And even if you say „o.k. he is an old man and he can’t do much, we still have to try because the less he moves the more pain he gets and the more stiff he gets. So we try to rehabilitate him by doing exercises to loosen his joints and to make his life a little bit more worthwhile living.”

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