12th scene: Our kindergarten


"Three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - leven - twelve - thirteen - fourteen - sixteen - sixteen - seventeen - eighteen - nineteen - twenty!"

We built and run a pre-primary school and crèche in Whebede, which is 25 kilometres outside Mandeni.

Why do we run a project so far away?

The real reason is that this area is very poor. The fathers of the families are often employed far away from home. We call this migrant labour, which means dad works at Durban harbour or in the gold mines of Johannesburg or wherever, but far away from home. Many of these fathers come home maybe once or twice a year, make mum pregnant again and disappear afterwards. Many of these fathers don’t send money home to support their wife and children and poor mum has struggle to get on with life on her own. We established the kindergarten to enable these mothers to go to work and therefore earn money for themselves and their children.

The second reason is actually that children who grow up in a rural environment enjoy little mental stimulation.

Children have difficulties at school, if their pre-school life revolved around herding cattle, goats and poultry only and they are deprived from intellectual challenges.

Therefore we prepare them properly for school through systematic pre-school education.

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