Interview of Fr. Martin Trieb O.S.B. with Mrs. Clare A. Kalkwarf D.M.

On your door is written „manager“. What is your duty as manager? What makes you happy and what are your problems? What is the job description of a manager?

My duties include the running, the administration of the whole Brotherhood, the whole organisation. It includes the running of the Care Centre and Hospice and of course all the projects, that fall under the whole brotherhood. So, on one hand I am the manager of the whole Brotherhood and on the other hand I am the manager of the Care Centre and Hospice, which is our biggest project. The duties include correspondence, the accounting, the fundraising, organising personnel, the modern term of that is human resources, dealing with problems, that come up for the personnel. It also includes looking for volunteers, helping the volunteers and encouraging them when they come. One of my biggest portfolios in my job as manager is membership, which means it is my job to find new members. When we do get new members to train them in basic homecare for the Care Centre and to motivate them into volunteering their time for the Brotherhood. But I see my job not just as a job but as a vocation and therefore what my job description says is not what I actually live by. I get involved in all aspects of the Brotherhood, the being a manager is only one side of it, the administration of the Brotherhood is a very big side of it, but much more important is the religious side of it and I find myself doing more and more and more in every aspect of our brotherhood as a Dedicated Member I couldn’t just do admin work and not worry about our patients, not worry about our personnel, not worry about our volunteers and their circumstances at home. All those things play a role, all those things fall into my portfolio and I have a saying, which I tell all our volunteers and all our staff: „My door is closed for confidentiality reasons, but my door is never locked. If you have problem, come! Come and talk! Whatever your problem might be, if it is personal or if it is work related or whatever it might be, come and talk, that is what I am here for. And so for me my job description is not so important, because although I do all the things that are in my portfolio I feel that it is my duty having been called by God to do this work to go further than just what my job description says.

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