Interview of Fr. Martin Trieb O.S.B. with Mrs. Mdletshe

What do you teach to the women here?

Well, I am just starting from the women who does not know how to sew, how to use the machine. Then you teach them how to use the machine and I am teaching them how to sew using the patterns and they are started from the garments of the young ones of the boys and the girls then to the ladies all the garments and the lining and our first course they are just doing these things for the ... like the wedding dresses and the men’s suit.

How long is this term of the sewing school?

So, it depends to the student, how fast she is, so as you know, they are not the same.

Do you give a certificate at the end?

Yes, we are having three courses. Each and every course at the end they get a certificate for that course.

What do the women do with this certificate?

It depends on them. When they like they just go and look for the jobs and some they are just going on to sew at their homes. Some of them they did get a job as I say but some of them they are just sewing at their homes and selling the garments that they have made.

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