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“So my motivation why we strengthen the relationship with Blessed Gérard is very simple. I am coming from an idea that big ideas need big wings to fly, but in the meantime they need big wheels to land and I think, that there is a good combination here:

[Pierangelo Cerana
Director of WHIRLPOOL - Italy]

Big heart and big pragmatism so they are able to have a good marriage with heart and quality and this is what impresses me the most. In this structure people is taken with a lot of heart but also with a lot of professionality.

[Dr. Peter Martinez - Astrophysicist
Head of liaison- and education
department at the South African
Astronomical Observatory]

“The signal that the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard gives to society in South Africa and society in particular is that in an area which is the epicentre of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa the Brotherhood is fulfilling critical needs at a very critical time and

the Brotherhood is basically about people helping themselves and we are demonstrating here in Mandeni that South Africans can indeed help themselves to address this terrible new epidemic, this war with on an unseen enemy and we are doing it with the help of our many faithful volunteers and benefactors both locally and around the world.

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