Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Newsletter No. 3

5 April 1994

Dear friends,

A joyful, happy Easter greeting to all of you! There are lots of good reasons to be happy at the moment in spite of the state of emergency having been proclaimed over Natal/Zululand last week. We always just see violence and trouble broadcast in the media, but we don't see the vast majority of people who want peace and who work for it like our brotherhood.


The "active" German members are members, who have visited us here and who have actively helped in our projects. Some of them are still actively helping, e.g. by raising funds.


Mr Daniel E. Meehan, the Chairman of the International Programs Committee of the Federal Association of the Order of Malta in the United States of America visited us on 18 March 1994. He was very impressed with our projects, especially the Community Development Centre (Sewing School), the surgery of Dr. Thabethe (the venue of our Malnutrition Clinic) and the Household School. He left us being very enthusiastic and promised his help.

International Relations

The Irish Order of Malta Ambulance Corps have invited us to participate in the 6th Order of Malta International Competition in First Aid at the University College in Dublin on 22 July 1994. Although we are very interested to show actively, that we are a member of the big international family of the Order of Malta's Relief Organisations we cannot afford the cost of travel for a team of 4 members.


There is a new project in preparation. We have been asked to erect and run a crèche (kindergarten) at Whebede, which is a community of the parish of Mangete. We are very busy finding out all the prerequisites and necessities, the regulations and possibilities and we hope to be able to start soon.

Our Care Centre should open its doors next year. At the moment we are calculating the building costs and sorting out the legal and administrative part of the project. Then there is a major effort of huge fund-raising work to be done so that finally, if the political situation in the country will have stabilised by then, we will start building in November this year.

Public Relations

The second version (the first version had to be improved technically) of our video film "A piece of South Africa - no tourist ever sees. The Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta in South Africa. A film on its origins, work and plans" has been completed. You may order your copy for the cost price of R15,-- (no charge, if you bring us your own tape). The film may be shown and copied freely as long as this is done free of charge and without omissions. We attach the text of the film to this circular letter.

Promoting membership

Please talk to people of good will and invite them to join our brotherhood. We need ... active members, who work in our projects donors, who support us financially spiritual supporters who pray for us. Kindly use the attached form (you may make copies of it) and help to increase our family.

May the Risen Lord enhance your life with his new life and may you enjoy his life supporting grace all during this Easter season and forever.

Yours fraternally

Fr. Gérard

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