Blessed Gérard's
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Mandeni, kwaZulu/Natal, Republic of South Africa

We have trained many people who are now able to and some of them are actually running their own sewing clubs and teach others the skills they have learnt from us.
Thus the project has reached its goal to help people to help themselves.
We do not want to go into competition with our own graduates.
Therefore we have suspended our own sewing school.
This page remains online as a historical reference.

Our sewing teacher Mrs. Simphiwe Sybil Mkhize passed away on 6 June 2006 after a severe sickness.
May she rest in peace!

The objective of Blessed Gérard's Community Development Centre is the training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment.

Our first step towards this is a sewing school.

We employed a qualified sewing teacher, to give dressmaking courses.

It should give skills to the needy to obtain employment in the textile industry and to encourage self-employment and thus to make them independent of charity.

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The old slogan "give a fish to a poor man, then he has enough for a day - teach him fishing, then he will always have enough" is still true and expresses best what we are trying to achieve in our community development centre.

Starting as inexperienced beginners the participants after a while are able to sew beautiful garments of high quality.

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