Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Newsletter No. 6

September 1995

Blessed Gérard's Pre-primary School & Crèche

was blessed on Saturday, 29th July, 1995 by the Bishop of Eshowe, Rt. Rev. Mansuet Dela Biyase and officially opened by the Chairman of the International Committee of the Federal Association of the Order of the Order of Malta in the United States of America, Mr. Daniel E. Meehan.

Mr Luigi Haglich, who has built Blessed Gérard's Pre-Primary School & Crèche handed over the keys to our Administrator of Goods, Mr. Geoff Kalkwarf. After two years of negotiations and fund raising, Blessed Gérard's Pre- Primary School & Crèche has been officially opened. The new building can accommodate approximately thirty children. At the time of its opening these eight children were enrolled in our school. In the meantime two more children have joined our school. There is one large class room, one large room for play and rest, an office / store room and a kitchen. There is only one very important item lacking from this facility and that is a constant water supply. At present there is a rainwater tank, but due to the drought this is not a reliable source. The Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is currently looking into the possibility of sinking a borehole. This would not only supply the children with clean water but many other people in the area as well. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Aktion Dreikönigssingen, Germany, Mr. Daniel E. Meehan, USA, Malteser-Hilfsdienst Germany and an anonymous donor from Switzerland for their major donations, which enabled us to build the school. Among the dignitaries who witnessed the opening of the pre-primary school & crèche and the other work which our organisation carries out were Dr. Albrecht Count of Rechberg, who is the co-ordinator for the help of Malteser Hilfsdienst Germany to South Africa, his wife Joy Countess of Rechberg and their son, Thomas Count of Rechberg, Mr. Manfred Schulz, the managing director of Malteser Hilfsdienst Bavaria and Mrs. Ruby Martin, the former Minister of Administration for the State of Virginia in the United States of America. To our project co-ordinator Mr. Mthembeni Conrad Khumalo, the project committee (Mr. Geoff Kalkwarf, Dr. & Mrs. Paul Thabethe) and all active members who helped in any way - THANK YOU!



We wish a blessed and very happy birthday to

Mrs. Joan Kalkwarf on her 80th, Frau Maria Meierdierks on her 70th, Sr. Ruth Ullrich on her 65th, Fritz Graf Strachwitz on his 65th, Herrn Oswald Binner on his 60th, Herrn Anton Steinegger on his 60th, Mr. Carelius Sithole on his 40th, Mrs. Martha Nhleko on her 40th, Miss Lindiwe Mazibuko on her 30th, Mr. Hayne Clark on his 21st.


To Rosa De Stefano and family who returned to Italy from South Africa and to Roalien Ogle, who has made a complete recovery.


To our vice-president Mrs. Clare Kalkwarf, who is recovering from an operation and to Mr. Ferdi Rouillon who had a minor accident.


Our prayers are with Mrs. Joan Kalkwarf and her son Geoff and family who's husband/father passed away.


Thank you to our members Hans and Albertine Sporer camera.gif (1892 bytes) from Germany, who visited us for three weeks and enjoyed us through their continued help in many of our projects, especially in the overseas fund-raising. Welcome to our member Otto Hoff and his wife Elisabeth from Germany, who we expect on the day of printing this newsletter.

WELCOME to all our new members:

Frau Hedwig Wüst, Mr Regulo Valenzuela Matte (the president of the Chilean Association of the Order of Malta), Mrs Hilda Goodwin, Frau Magdalena Mussack, Mr Riccardo De Stefano, Mrs Rosa Scarano De Stefano, Mrs Margaret Rouillon, Mr Ferdinand Rouillon, Frau Ulrike Endres, Herrn Walter Ruhland, Mrs Velisiwe Maureen Manqele, Miss Malissa Beaumont, Mr Brendon Kylo Beaumont, Miss Annastacia Theresa Geswindt, Miss Samantha Natalie Geswindt, Mrs Rosemary Susannah Engelbrecht, Mr William Howard Yeo, Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Strahlendorf, Mrs Jenet Khumalo, Mrs Thandile Msebeni, Hochw. Herrn Konrad Bösl, Herrn Manfred Schulz (the managing director of Malteser-Hilfsdienst Bavaria), Mr Daniel E. Meehan (the chairman of the International committee of the Federal Association of the Order Malta in the USA), Mrs Ruby G. Martin, Schwester Benedicta, Mr Colin Joseph Beaumont, Mrs Hetta Henning, Miss Bronwyn Rochelle Barnes, Miss Shannon Andrea Barnes, Mr Dane Quintin Getkate.

Please, ask your friends to join our Brotherhood as a member!


A dream is coming true: Sod turning ceremony of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre, Mandeni

Innovative system of home nursing care to be introduced in Mandeni.

The dedicated and founder members of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, Mr. & Mrs. G. Kalkwarf, Dr. & Mrs. P. Z. T. Thabethe, Mrs. Y. Renaud and Fr. G. T. Lagleder O.S.B. turned the first sod of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni on Saturday, the 5th of August 1995.

They were followed by the Deputy Mayor of Mandeni Mrs M. Nell, the co-ordinator for the aid to South Africa of Malteser-Hilfsdienst, being the German relief organisation of the Order of Malta, Dr. A. Count of Rechberg, the managing director of Malteser-Hilfsdienst in Bavaria, Mr. M. Schulz M. A. and the chairman of the international committee of the Federal Association of the Order Malta in the U.S.A., Mr. D. E. Meehan. from left to right: Manfred Schulz, Dr. Albrecht Count of Rechberg, Marg Nell, Daniel Meehan

The construction will start in September and is expected to be completed by April 1996.

Blessed Gérard's Care Centre is a totally new approach to the ever increasing demand of care for the sick. Facing the exploding figures of the AIDS statistics and the fact that the existing hospitals and clinics will be unable to cope with the flood of patients, Blessed Gérard's Care Centre wants to enable the families of the sick to care for their relatives at home as much as possible. Blessed Gérard's Care Centre wants to bridge the gap between hospital and the patients home.

The Care Centre will have a fourfold function:

  1. to be a training centre for family members and other interested people in home nursing care and other related fields, e.g. AIDS Education and care, Primary Health Care, Hospice Care, Dietetics etc.
  2. to train and set up mobile home nursing teams, who supplement and support the family care through hands-on-training and additional aids in the home situation of the respective patient.
  3. to act as a Day Care Centre for sick people, so that working family members need not give up their employment to avail themselves to nurse their relative, but can have their patient looked after in the Care Centre during the day. The patients can be involved in occupational therapy and recreational activities to prevent them from boredom and the feeling of not being needed or useful any more.
  4. to accommodate sick people temporarily and provide general nursing care through an inpatient unit. This would be a last resort which would only apply to a patient, if the patient's care cannot be adequately maintained and secured by the training of his/her family members or by the assistance of the family through the mobile home nursing teams or by the Day Care Centre. This option will still give room to train family members on their patient in the centre.

The Centre operates totally on a donation basis and will not charge the patients for its service. Blessed Gérard's Care Centre will be staffed by active members of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, who work all as volunteers.

We have started a fund-raising campaign for Blessed Gérard's Care Centre under the title "Please give us a brick". Further information and pamphlets like the attached are available from our office: Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard · P O Box 440 · 4490 Mandeni · Phone 032 - 456 2743 · Fax 032 - 456 7962. We ask you to order as many copies as you need and to send these to your relatives, friends and acquaintances to invite them to sponsor a brick for our Care Centre.

The names of all sponsors will appear on a plaque in the foyer of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre.

Each brick sponsored will be entered into a lucky draw for a donated personal computer: Intel 386 DX 25 MHz, 4 Mb RAM, 80 Mb SCSI-harddrive (double-spaced to 126 Mb), a 1.2 Mb 5.25" floppy- and a 1.44 Mb 3.5" stiffydrive, VGA colour graphics video card and monitor, 2 serial ports, 101 key extended keyboard, Microsoft serial mouse, lots of software, e.g. MS-DOS 6.0, Windows 3.1, Stacker 2.0, WordStar 2000 3.5, PC-Tools 6.0, Paradox for Windows 1.0, CorelDraw 4.0, (all virus free non-pirated versions with original manuals and original program disks) and numerous public domain programs.

The draw will be held on 31.12.1995 in Mandeni. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and the decision of the judges will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Please sponsor one ore more bricks for this very necessary institution at R20 per brick.

Mandini Spring FARE

A special Thankyou to all our members who helped to make our fund-raising and public relation activities at the Mandini Spring Fare on 2nd September, 1995 such a good success. We concentrated on promoting Blessed Gérard's Care Centre to the public of Mandini and started our brick sale project at this occasion.

Blessed Gérard's Feast

We celebrated the Feast of our patron saint Blessed Gérard Tonque on 3rd September, 1995 through Holy Mass at 6 p.m. in St. Anthony's Church, Mandini and a bring-and-braai function afterwards in the church hall.


There was only one entry received and these pictures were not showing the work of our organisation.


We celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the foundation of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard on 28th October, 1995 and ask for your special prayers on this day!

PS: A special Thank you to Clare Kalkwarf and Caroline Beaumont for compiling this newsletter!

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