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We accommodate patients temporarily and provide Hospice and palliative care through our 40-bed inpatient unit.

This is a last resort which only applies to a patient, if the patient's care cannot be adequately maintained and secured by the training of his/her family members or by the assistance of the family through our mobile home-nursing-teams or by the Drop-in / Day-Care-Centre.

This option still gives room to train family members on their patient in our centre.

Our inpatient unit has now nine wards, including a paediatric ward, a mother-and-child ward and a high care ward.

Our inpatient unit includes a paediatric ward

Our High-Care-Ward

The inpatient unit is used

[occupational therapy]

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Why and when we admit a sick person as an inpatient
What we do with the AIDS patients to give them purpose and keep them occupied
The purpose of physiotherapy with a terminal patient
Why people ask for our help

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