Interview of Fr. Martin Trieb O.S.B. with Mrs. Clare A. Kalkwarf D.M.

What motivated you to found the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard?

My personal motivation in founding the Brotherhood was to help the community in the area. All my life I have been involved with charity work in one way or another, but this was a way for me to be involved on a formal basis with the help of other people; to be able to network with other people and to really make an impact on the community, that is was not just a little bit of help here or a little bit of help there but it was a way that we could really make a difference for the people in the area. I saw there was so much poverty and so many social problems in the community, especially family problems, that it was a way for me to get involved and to help in a way that would make a big difference to the community.

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