Interview of Fr. Martin Trieb O.S.B. with Sr. Nokuthula M. Thabethe

Why did you found this brotherhood?

O.k. it was first discovered by Father Gerald who was aware of the situation that it was ripe now in our area, but Father Gérard happened to visit one, he was called out, I can’t remember, but he assisted one of these ladies who were staying together. There were just two. The other one was blind and to other, I think both of them were blind and there was another one helping them in the house and she, and he discovered that this other lady, I understand was an ex-nun, she had severe, severe diarrhoea. She needed medical attention and there was nobody to attend to her because two of them were blind and the other one was just helping so you know, from that time we realised that look there is a situation, that needs you know, you know, it’s an emergency, let me call it an emergency and then he took this lady to my husband’s surgery, that is, where he is working for assistance and he was actually carrying her like this she was a very tall lady, very tall, but she was on her own without any help without anybody to assist her in the house. So that’s how the whole thing started and afterwards both my husband and Father Gerald came together say „Look, what can we do?“ Possibly this is not the only situation, I mean this is not the only these are not the only people having this problem. I am sure, there are many others. And then he started looking around and people came forward having heard that will this help to offer now. That’s how the whole thing started.

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