An Everlasting Brotherhood

Film about the

of Blessed Gérard

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Book, text and pictures:

  1. Introduction
  2. Assessment
  3. Admission
  4. Bishop
  5. Context
  6. Foundation
  7. History
  8. Special Care
  9. Motivation
  10. Care for the dying
  11. Sewing School
  12. Kindergarten
  13. AIDS causes & suffering
  14. AIDS Education
  15. Malnutrition Clinic
  16. Children's Home
  17. Testimonials
  18. Our Father
  19. Why "everlasting"?
  20. Trailer


Interview with Bishop Mansuet Dela Biyase

Bishop's remarks

Interview with Father Gérard T. Lagleder O.S.B. (President)

  1. Which key events lead to the foundation of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard?

  2. Why and when do you admit a sick person as an inpatient?

  3. How does a Zulu conceive sickness, e.g. AIDS?

  4. What can you do with the AIDS patients to give them purpose and keep them occupied?

  5. What is the purpose of physiotherpy with a terminal patient?

  6. Why do people ask for your help?

  7. How do you assess the patients' home situation?

  8. What is the social context of Mandeni?

  9. Why do you run a sewing school in your house?

  10. Patient Joseph Khoza

  11. What is hospice care all about?

Interview with Mrs. Clare Kalkwarf D.M. (Vice-President)

  1. What motivated you to found the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard?

  2. What is your duty as manager?

  3. AIDS education

Interview with Dr. Paul Thabethe (Medical Superintendent)

  1. What kinds of sickness do you have to deal with in this centre and why are these diseases so prevalent here?

  2. In which way is the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard giving a signal to other people?

Interview with Sr. Nokuthula Thabethe (Director of Charity)

  1. Why did you found this brotherhood?

  2. What is your malnutrition clinic all about?

Interview with Dr. Roux Martinez (Member of the President's Council)

What are your reasons for doing this kind of work?

Interview with Dr. Peter Martinez (Member of the President's Council)

What signal does the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard give to society?

Interview with Mrs. Mdletshe (teacher in Blessed Gérard's Sewing School)

What do you teach?

Interview with Dr Pierangelo Cerana (Director of Whirlpool)

What motivates Whirlpool to support the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard?

Our old video film from 1993:

A piece of South Africa - no tourist ever sees


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